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Before the Rain
Thursday, August 29, 2013 | Thursday, August 29, 2013 | 0 Rain[s]
Takde idea sebenarnya nak post ape . Tadi ada , lepastu dia hilang . Always like this ah . Oh and its been 2 months of 'something' hahahahahahaha . Not gonna tell what 'thing' , figure it out kids haha . Oh here's something I wanna let everybody know . First of all , I HATE PEOPLE I DONT KNOW . Tahu , macam tak logik je en tapi that's the truth . Bukan benci macam "we are never gonna be friends" , tapi benci macam ... hmm . You know how I am always shy ? Yeah . That's why I hate people I dont know . Because I hate the idea of making new friends , like , why cant we just stick with what we have now ? Why do we have to let new people come into our life if they're only gonna leave some scars later ? So bila I am 'put' in a place where there's a lot of people I dont know , I just dont fucking talk . If you want to talk to me then you go first . If you dont talk to me then go to hell . BUT I AM NOT SOMBONG . I am so cheerful and crazy and fucking cool ( eceh ) when you get to know me . And second thing is , aku tak suka naik lif . Tak semua yang tahu pasal ni , not even my family members . I hate the lift because rasa macam tak cukup udara je dalam lif tu . Lagi - lagi kalau naik ramai - ramai . Rasa macam akan mati akibat tak cukup oxygen , serius ni . And umm , ape lagi ea ... oh ! Bila aku tengah dengar earphone DONT TALK TO ME ! Of course aku tak dengar apa yang kau cakap okay . And whoever question why I like to listen to songs and isnt it bored just listening to songs all day - aku akan tembak korang . MUSIC IS MY LIFE . I love music so much , when I listen to them , I go to this one special place where there's just me dancing to the music that's playing and I love that feeling . Feels like there's no one to disturb me and stuff .

The other day I dreamed about something . Aku pergi sekolah bawa phone and of course the love of my life , earphone . Lepastu the next thing I know is that the teacher , suruh semua serahkan earphone dan phone dekat dia . She said something about earphone is not allowed and stuff . Semua orang serahkan phone dan earphone diorang macam gampang je sebab cikgu tu kata we're going to get back our stuff once she finish her lesson . But I , on the other hand , starts to cry like a baby . Meronta - ronta ni , tak nak bagi phone dengan earphone dekat cikgu tu . Sebab aku membayangkan hidup aku tanpa phone ... tanpa earphone . Gosh , I hate that feeling . Rasa macam lebih rela mati daripada tak dapat dengar lagu waktu tu . So tiba - tiba je my mother woke me up sebab time for school hahahahah . See ? I love music so much sampai dapat mimpi pun dah macam orang gila dah . And haritu my earphone rosak . DO YOU KNOW HOW CRAZY I WAS ? AKU MACAM MINAH SENGET MANE TAH . Memang sakit jiwa tahu tak bila tak dengar lagu sehari . Music is my drug , I guess . Hihi .
Relay For Life - campak balik
Sunday, August 4, 2013 | Sunday, August 04, 2013 | 0 Rain[s]
Hi semua its now August 4 . Tak lama lagi nak raya . Lagi beberapa hari je ni . Excited ? Not so . Because . Tak tahulah . Idk why I'm not excited for raya at all . Oh btw , last month I went for Relay For Life . Its a very good 'camp' . Really . Umm sekolah yang terlibat like SMK IJC , SFI , STDAVID , and what else ? I dont remember much . But surely ada yang daripada sekolah lain jugak like MHS , MOZAC , and some other schools . It was really fun . We didnt slept . I DIDNT SLEPT FOR LIKE 16 HOURS . Yeah I'm cool liddat hihhi . Tents are provided ( if you're planning to go next year don't worry about it but you must pay ) I really want everybody to participate because it is really a good camp . You make friends with strangers , you enjoy the performances , you listen to the cancer survivors' stories ( eh betul ke apa aku cuba nak sampaikan ni hope u understand ) , and best part is YOU RELAY . You just have to walk keliling padang yang besar tu , for 16 hours . Tapi gilir gilir lah . Search google if you wanna know more about RFL . I came back from that camp feeling exhausted and I slept for the whole day when I got home . And when I woke up the next day its Monday and I got school and stuff , but I kept on smiling with my friends yang pergi RFL because we kept on talking about what we did 'there' . So yeah . Join Relay For Life . Banyak benefits . Also , they have games and like the one I went in STDAVID they had this rumah hantu . I didnt went in not because I was scared . But because I was scared . Hahahahhahahahhaha . Cool story bruh . JOIN RELAY FOR LIFE AND I WILL LOVE YOU GUYS FOREVER . I PROMISE (: 

P/S: I met new friends ! And of course I won't forget about you , Nazrul and your little brother ! Nazrul is 5 years old . He's freaking cute and his brother is 3 ( I think ) . Also very cute arhhhh . Goodnight , heartbeat <3 br="">
Merepek But Special (:
Thursday, July 18, 2013 | Thursday, July 18, 2013 | 0 Rain[s]
Its 12:06 a.m , Friday , 19 of July 2013 . Eceh siap nak letak masa dan tarikh haha . Well , probably because what I'm going to post is something SPECIAL . Umm , '''the memories''' are special to me . Stick around if you want to know about it . Get your ass outta here kalau tak nak tahu (:

How do you feel when someone you like , for 2 years , finally talked to you ? Macam , dah 2 tahun . 2 TAHUN (((bukan seminggu))) . So this 'thing' happened to me . on the 28 of June , we started talking . Chatting sebenarnya , tapi eh suka hati aku lah haha . I don't know where I got the guts to tegur dia . Yepp I started everything hahahaha berlagak lah ni hahahaha . Oh btw yes , me and him are friends on Facebook for quite some time . Maybe for the whole 2 years , aku rasa . Jadi kita pun keep on chatting . And he asked for my number because he said he will not be on facebook always . So its easy if we can keep in touch with each other through whatsapping and all those stuff . Can you imagine my 'feels' ? I did not get butterflies in my stomach , THE ZOO WAS IN MY STOMACH ! I mean macam macam perasaan ada . I know he's not going to like me like I like him but I don't care because I've always had a crush on him . Its okay if he likes someone else and not me , biarlah I'm the only one who's having all these 'feels' on him (:

So yeah sekarang dah get to know him better - for me lah . I dont know what I like about him . I just like him . Can you understand me ? It just happened . There's something about him that I can't describe its too ... entah le macam nak terangkan and let you guys know but its really too hard to describe . I always saw him for the past 2 years walking home from school . Eh eh tak yah le tahu dia sekolah mana and where I'm schooling hahahahaha . Yang penting , I always saw him , and I think he's a nice guy . Dah lama aku perhati je dia tu . HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA tak boleh belah ayat . Aku pun tak tahulah aku nak sampaikan apa dalam post ni sebenarnya . I just want to share this story maybe because umm . I don't want any of you give up on someone you like . YES , he/she might not like you the way you like them .. but most important thing is you can become friends with them or even best friends ! That's even better , kan ?

I seriously never thought this would happened . Dia dah lah ... And I am like ... you know me . I don't like to talk to people , I tend to get really shy and awkward and everything ugly lah pasal making a conversation with people I don't know . But suddenly , this happened ! BAM ! Hihihi . Bukan nak gedik ke ape okay . Saje je . Tahu tak what I am feeling while writing this ? I am smiling like crazy because he's on my mind . Gila kan ? Bongok bongok je ... Anyway so yeah , don't give up on something yang meaningful dalam your life . You never know whats going to happen next . Allah is the best planner . Just go with the flow and everything will be fine , I guarantee you this . This is a very long post erhh mesti korang malas nak baca erhh samalah aku pun tak suka baca benda panjang panjang ni lagi lagi blog aku sendiri . Kan semua benda merepek ni ? Ni semua merepek . I am not a 'pro' in describing what I am feeling . If I can show it to you guys this is the perfect explanation of what I am feeling (((asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm!!!))) Hihihi . Its 12:28 now , goodnight and have a good night sleep . Sweet dreams , forgive everyone and before it gets too late Salam Ramadhan (:
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 | Wednesday, June 12, 2013 | 0 Rain[s]
"Sombong lah" - I get that a lot . From people I dont even know . Well so here's a fact about me that YOU strangers should know . First of all , aku tak sombong . I am just one really shy girl . Aku takkan bercakap dengan orang yang aku tak kenal . Even orang yang aku kenal pun , tapi tak rapat , aku takkan cakap dengan diorang sangat . Kalau diorang tanya soalan aku jawab . If not , then there's no conversation between us . My walls are up if you are a stranger . I get so awkward if I'm around people I don't know . I just like to stay in my comfort zone , with the people I know . I don't talk with boys , especially . Yeah I have guy best friends but that's a different story . They're my best friends so I don't feel awkward talking to them . I have no problem in making new friends . I mean , kalau korang nak kawan aku okay je . Tapi you have to be really really cool . Maksud aku macam , tak yah nak awak saya dengan aku . Terus kau aku je . Because macam tu aku tak rasa awkward . So after this , please don't judge me . Aku tak sombong . Just a timid girl . For my best friends they know the real me . I am NOT NORMAL . So umm . Yeah . Aku tak sombong .
Saturday, June 1, 2013 | Saturday, June 01, 2013 | 0 Rain[s]
My best friends are very important to me . They're my family . They're part of me . How can I not love them ? They know my biggest secret . They know my weaknesses , they know when I'm lying and they know every little things about me that I think not even my real family know about me . Earlier this year I was scared . I am a very shy and timid girl , I don't talk much to people I'm not close with . So I was really really scared about the idea of new friends in my new class . I was scared of losing my best friends . I was alone in that class . I sure have friends but not best friends , you know what I mean . Banyak benda yang berubah in 2013 . I was having a rough time . But these guys came into my life and changed me . In a good way . Diorang bukan ubah cara hidup aku atau apa , tapi diorang ubah cara pemikiran aku . Aku mengaku aku pernah judge orang , tapi lepas they came into my life , I will think twice if I wanna judge people after this .

Farah Afifah , dia orang pertama yang jadi best friend aku dalam kelas tu . I've known her since Form 1 , we were friends but not that close . Tapi sekarang dah closer than you think hihi . She's ... macam aku . Its like I'm talking to the mirror everytime I'm with her because we , somehow , think alike hihihi . Fasiha Amani , dia ... macam Amirah Marini . I miss Amirah so much . We didn't spend much time together anymore cuz we're both too busy . Dengan adanya Fasiha , terubat sikit rindu dekat Amirah . Syamimi Roslen , never crossed my mind that I will be best friends with her . Aku tak pernah faham dia pun sebelum ni . Tapi lepas dah spend time dengan dia , aku faham . Aku mula faham benda benda yang aku tak pernah faham . Benda apa tu tak yah tahu lah en . Mimie macam Ummi Nabihah . I miss Ummi a lot too ! Dia macam Ummi , sebab she's always trying her best to make us stay together . She take good care of her friends . Sama macam Ummi :') Athirah Farzana , yang ni macam Hannah Lisa ! Kadang kadang kalau orang cerita , dia macam blur sekejap . Pastu dah lama sikit baru dia faham . Dia pun ada sikit perangai macam aku , rimas bila orang banyak kali call , kadang kadang malas nak angkat call orang hahaha . Hmm last sekali , Ezrul Syafiq Muhammad Yusri , haa nama penuh aku tulis ni woi ! Ezrul boyfriend Athirah . Aku pun tak tahu lah kenapa dia sorang je lelaki . Kami buddyz hihi :D

I just want my best friends , all of them , to know that I love you all so much . Even if I have new best friends , I wont forget about you guys because you guys were always there for me when I need you . Amirah . Hannah . Ummi . Caca . Nasha . Salawa . Sufiana . Hidayah . Siti . Anis . Radhiah . Syarifah . You guys mean the world to me . I may spend a little more time with my Rekeke now , but I love you guys equally . Personaliti korang berbeza berbeza , walaupun ada yang sama tapi tetap berbeza . Thank you for being my friend , thank you for taking care of me , thank you for noticing me when I was invisible , thank you for loving me , thank you for everything . I love you guys to Pluto .
Honeymoon ?
Thursday, May 2, 2013 | Thursday, May 02, 2013 | 0 Rain[s]
Hey hi y'all ! Are you guys ballin ? Haha . Tak ada banyak benda nak cerita ... Been busy the whole month of April . After jadi lane marshall je terus tak ada masa . Oh ya , HELLO SEXY MAY ! This month lagilah busy . Essay kena buat , minda pengarang , macam - macam -.- But I'm sure everything will pay off soon (: So chin up ! I can handle this ; ayat pujuk diri sendiri hahahha . And to the ones yang cakap "Form 4 honeymoon year lah . Lepak sudah" . HONEYMOON YEAR ? SERIOUSLY ? Aku rasa form 4 ni lah tahun yang aku paling banyak kena buat kerja , dan paling banyak tak tidur . Form 3 dulu walaupun nak PMR , lagi relax daripada form 4 ughh I hate form 4 . Aku start jadi malas ni un start form 4 lah . Sebabkan terlalu banyak kerja , aku stress and just campak everything and sleep - or tweeting :p

I don't know if its just my school , tapi yang aku tahu memang Form 4 is not a fucking honeymoon year . So to those yang beritahu 'adik - adik' ni form 4 nanti lepak ah , bulan madu' FUCK THEM . ITS ALL LIES . The level of 'busy-ness' is to the point where you don't even get to see your friends ! Trust me on this cuz I'm going through it right now . Yang mana sama kelas tu of course le jumpa , I'm talking about yang lain kelas . Waktu rehat un jangan haraplah nak jumpa . Sometimes the teachers gave too much work and you need to finish it in the class or bio lab , so waktu rehat tu lah masanya nak buat kerja . No time to eat , no time to chat with friends , and NO TIME TO PLAY . My teacher told me this "If you do well this year , then next year will be easy for you" . So I'm holding on to that statement of hers . Masuk hari ni dah seminggu tak jumpa my nigga mate ; and she thought I was absent , I thought she's the one yang absent . See how busy it is ? Yeahhhhh . Honeymoon kaki kau !!

But if you guys manage to see your friends and think Form 4 is a honeymoon year then , good luck suffering during your Form 5 . Wow there , no hate :D
Lane Marshall :)
Thursday, April 11, 2013 | Thursday, April 11, 2013 | 0 Rain[s]
9 , 10 and 11 April 2013 . Banyak sangat benda berlaku . Especially 10/4/13 . We feel 'close' to them . Macam best friends . Bowlers sekolah mana , tu tak payah tahu lah en . But seriously , memang kitorang rasa 'rapat' sangat dengan diorang . Kaki memang penat lah kan , 4 games during the morning . But this pengalaman is one of the moments that I won't easily forget in my life .

Waktu lunch -
Aku ambil gambar Salawa dengan Amirah . 3 saat selepas snap tu Mirah pergi somewhere else to talk to Fiana . Aku bagi phone dekat Salawa . Suruh ambil gambar aku dengan Hannah . Waktu dia nak snap , aku nampak diorang ( bowlers ) . They just walked passed us . But then , diorang patah balik . And guess what ? Diorang lunch 'dengan' kitorang . In the same restaurant . Hell yeah . Can't even concentrate when I'm eating . Plus that time ada 'beberapa kejadian yang memberi kesan di dalam diri masing - masing' . Amboi ayat . Haha . But not one of us really concentrate on eating actually . Masing - masing pujuk diri masing - masing hahahahahaha okay tak lawak .

Sesi petang -
Main Daytona after lunch ! Dah habis tu , ternampak lagi diorang . Actually banyak kali lah nampak dah nama pun jadi lane marshall haha . But on that particular day seems like we always bertembung . Fate ? Hihi I don't know . Lebih kurang 1 jam kemudian we all masuk dekat Ampang Superbowl balik semula . Tengok tengok bowlers lain . Waktu petang dah tak bertugas dah . So kitorang decide nak pergi DP . Tengah jalan ni , nampak diorang lagi ! But as usual tak pay attention to them . Nak lintas dah ni , lepastu their school van berhenti . Diorang nak balik dah . Okay . Kitorang pun lintas and diorang pun balik . Tutup cerita . Sebenarnya ada lagi but I chose not to share it here to protect the people I love , respect , and all .

11/4/13 waktu selepas lunch -
Disebabkan kebosanan yang melanda , sorry kalau BM berterabur haaaaaaaaa . Kitorang , Me , Salawa , Fiana , Hannah and Mirah pergi lah MPH . Buat MPH tu macam rumah sendiri . Duduk duduk , baring - baring bla bla bla . Baca buku tu , buku ni . ONLY 13 caught my eye . I was reading ... and Hannah read the same book . We read and read ... until we're bored . Salawa decided to took some pictures so she did took some . Or plenty of pictures . Plenty of pictures ? What ? Haha . Me and Hannah joined in later . And we did took some videos too . To upload it to Keek , our first intention but then there's some 'cursing' and we did mentioned 'somebody's' name so I chose not to upload it too . Ni dah keluar dari MPH . As we were walking we did some talking and of course 'document-aring' wahahahaha . We are such weird , weirdos .

Sesi petang -
We sat at the food court because dekat dalam Ampang Superbowl tu dah terasa macam 'pusat jagaan kanak - kanak' . Ramai sangat kids running around and stuff . So the four of us decided to choose one spot and just , think about our future hihi . Lawan makan ice cream dengan Hannah . The winner is Amirah Marini . Hannah was a little bit sad . She really wanted to win since it was her idea to lawan makan ice cream haha . Oh yeah ! The day before we lawan minum air Coke . Winner is again Amirah Marini . Does that girl ever lose ? Ugh -.- But I love you , nigguh ;)

I think that's all ? Lots of things happened actually but there's just no word to describe exactly what happened to us the past 3 days . Apa - apa pun , I really like it that our friendship is getting stronger each day . And , of course I love you weirdos okay bye muahhhhhxxxxxxx !!!! Oh and if you guys wanna see our stupid retarded pictures just head to one of these instagram accounts : amirahamdan_ , hannahlisa97 , hey_ami . Idk which one of us will upload it in the future so just , stick around fellas . Abuhbuy :D

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