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AmiraEizza - Like A Plastic Bag .
Wednesday, May 25, 2011 | Wednesday, May 25, 2011 | 0 Rain[s]
Hi I don't even know how to start this .

I'm not the kind of girl who write bad stuff about people

I hate or don't like their attitude . But today , I've decided

To post it here cuz I'm blogging to express my feelings .

My best friends were talking about how they

Can't concentrate reading the #SEJARAHBOOK and one of em'

Said that she have this #PENINGLALAT . For some reason , they

Actually call me #LALAT because ... this one housefly die

Near me in a bus . I don't want them to call me that

But since they started calling me that name and nobody think

negative about it I guess its okay .

So when she said that , I'm still okay with it cuz my name

Is not even #LALAT .

But then , she looked at me cuz I was sitting in front of her


I feel offended . Seriously , am I that ugly ?!

Okayy if I am that ugly , now you tell me ,

Did you mirrored yourself today before you come to school ?!

I received a bad news yesterday and when I come to school

I thought I wanna share all the sadness to you since

You guys are my besties . But I ran of words to say when you

Said that to me . Do you know how I feel ?!!

Really really offended . I feel like you're taking

Advantages of me cuz the last 2 years , you guys did the

Same exact thing , but I just kept quiet cuz I know ,

You were all joking around . But TODAY ,

I just can't stand this .


I'm like , like a plastic bag drifting to the wind .

Its like , I'm no beauty queen , I'm just beautiful me .

Do you know that a person can commit suicide

Because things that you thought was SMALL like this ??

This is really not me . Telling strangers how I felt .

But I really can't stand it anymore .

No sorry from you guys so no #IACCEPTEDURAPOLOGY from me then .

Another thing is , when I'm talking , please listen to me .

Don't go and talk to others like I'm talking alone .

You guys act like I didnt exist .

And you guys will say #GEDIKNYE when I acts a lil bitchy .

And everything I say is a joke .

I know I don't like to be serious and I'm always the funny one ,

But please , not everything a clown do is funny .

A flower is not always beautiful .

And a hurricane , is not always a bad thing .

Don't judge me after all these sayings , I just want

You to know that I'm hurt that's all .

I'm sorry I have to do this .

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