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Amira Eizza - Hey , Love .
Thursday, November 15, 2012 | Thursday, November 15, 2012 | 0 Rain[s]
L ... Lo ... Lov ... I can't say it :D

Let me tell you a secret . Nobody knows this . Maybe I've blurted it out to my super beautiful best friends , but I don't think they take it seriously . This is a story of a girl ( me ) and the boy she has a crush on ( him ) .

Its been 3 years now . I've been waiting for him , and still am . I don't know for how long I have to wait . I can't wait anymore . This 'love-monster' in me is eager to come out . For the past 3 years , I've been stalking him ( I gotta admit this ) . I've witnessed everything . From him being in a relationship with other girls , to him breaking up with them . When I was 13 , ( no its not a Bieber song ) I didn't understand much about this 'feeling' in me . Yeah I like him . So what ? ( said myself 3 years ago ) When I realized that this 'feeling' towards him is unusual , I quickly tried to forget him . At my age , I don't think being in love was the right thing to do . I mean , I'm so not into this 'lovey dovey couple' mood when I was 13 . And so I tried . I tried too hard to forget him that it only reminds me of him whenever I see a guy wearing the same shirt as him , a guy swimming , some 'strangers' on facebook that broke up with his girlfriend and so on .

One time my family and his family went to the ... oh wait I can't share this sorry . It's too private to be shared LOL . Okay . As I've said before , I've witnessed everything 'through' facebook . After several times he broke up , I even thought to myself , "Why can't you just forget about that girl ? Why can't you see that I'm the one for you ?" Its true that I've never been there when he needs me . But that's just because I never existed in his world . Maybe we've talked face to face but that's just when he asked me do I want ice cream or not . Maybe if his family didn't asked him to asked me , he won't asked me that question . So it's kinda true . I never really existed in his world . We chatted once in a blue moon . No , make that once in a rainbow moon because I can count how many times we really chatted . Seriously . I forgot all about him early in 2012 . But then one day , you know how facebook always post things like "this friend of yours like this page ... bla bla bla ." Yeah . One day facebook posted that kind of post on my Timeline . And its his name . Guess what I did ? "Hey , I haven't seen him in awhile now ." And started to stalked him back . It hurts me so much seeing his 'relationship status' . He's with that girl that broke his heart for how many times ( I don't really know but I'm sure its the same girl that he broke up with several times ) Three months later he broke up again with that girl . And recently , just recently , he's single and 'eyeing' someone . Definitely not me . Kesian kan ? Haha tak pe . Someone better out there for me . Hey , love . How are you ? I hope you're doing fine because I think I'm finally gonna let you go . You're not my crush anymore starting from when I post this thing . I hope I have the strength , though . Good night .

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