My Tears Just Like The Rain Fallings
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Before the Rain
Monday, January 7, 2013 | Monday, January 07, 2013 | 0 Rain[s]
2013 . Alone . Going to school is a challenge . Betul ke apa aku tulis ni ? A challenge because , I have no friends . NO FRIENDS . Okay I have friends , but they're not THEM . They're not the ones that understands me and I can be myself around them . I feel awkward everytime I make an effort to talk to them 'freely' . Like , not about school and books . I just wanna talk with them about my idol , or my life , or or even my crush . Ceh . But no seriously , I don't have best friends in that class . Actually that's quite a good thing because I pay attention to the teacher . But still ... I miss my friends . Diorang ada je tapi tak sama kelas semua bersepah . Okay bye . * ni labah - labah

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age , sex , live ? 15 , female , Malacca Malaysia . I'm an Aries . Google 'Aries Personality' if you wanna know more about me . Just to let you know that you shouldn't mess with me or with my best friends or with my family or you'll regret people , I will seek revenge . I love you beauties out there !! Honestly , -amira eizza-