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One Week Love Story
Saturday, March 16, 2013 | Saturday, March 16, 2013 | 0 Rain[s]
I know . Haven't posted in awhile now ey ? Been busy with stupid stuff - cant lie on this :p
So anyway , I have a very interesting story here . I somehow found a perfect boyfriend . Ew . Did I just typed that ? Yeah I did wow what oh wow just WOW . He can play guitar , quite tall , have a bubbly personality okay not going to tell you guys more about him to give him some privacy lol . I didnt tell anyone - except my best friends because I need their point of view on our relationship the other day . FAST FORWARD FAST FORWARD okay so , we broke up after one week . AFTER ONE DAMN WEEK . I asked for a break up . Wait !!! Don't blame me , and don't blame him . He did nothing wrong . I did nothing wrong too . This one fine day I just sat there on my bed and it hits me . 'I'm not ready for this . I'm not ready for any 'commitment' with anybody . I love my life right now .' I straight away texted my friends that I want to ask for a break up . They said WHY of course . I told them my reasons . They're cool with it . Then I texted him . He didn't reply . I wait and wait ... and wait and wait . Still no reply . You guys know how whatsapp will show you this 'double tick' sign when that person already read what you send them ? Yeah when I checked my phone there was a double tick so I know he already read it . Still didn't reply . I asked him again . Till midnight still no reply . The next day I just couldnt take it anymore . I send something like this "I assume you agree kita break okay ." Just like that , we officially broke up . . Of course he didn't reply but who cares ? I can't find a tiny little reason about why should I worry if he didnt reply . I assume he agreed . Like I said he did nothing wrong . I just feel like I'm not ready for this . I'm not even 16 yet . I know age is just a fucking number and I really don't care at what age I fall in love BUT SERIOUSLY I AM JUST NOT READY and I DONT KNOW WHY . Too much pressure for me - I guess . You know , school , family , friends ... and a boyfriend now ? No I don't think so . So I think that's why I want us to break up = and we did broke up .

Come to think of it , its really funny . One week and thats all . A lot of things happened during that one week , so I just laugh like crazy when I think of it . I have no hard feelings for him , and I hope he have no hard feelings for me too . Like , we just broke up in peace . You feel me ? Haha . We're young . We do stupid stuff . I think on that day he asked me to be his girlfriend we're just being totally dumb . We didn't think this through ... or think deep enough of what will happen in the future ... Anyway so now its over , I just feel 'fresh' . LOL . I feel like I just came out of a jail or something . I didnt get to attached to him because I told myself during DAY ONE that me and him are gonna break up somewhere in the middle of our relationship . Thats totally normal . So I didn't get frustrated or cry like a baby when we broke up - YAY ME :D . So that is all . My one week love story .Oh no . This boy I'm talking about is not the WONDER BOY that I talked about on my last post :)

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