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Before the Rain
Lane Marshall :)
Thursday, April 11, 2013 | Thursday, April 11, 2013 | 0 Rain[s]
9 , 10 and 11 April 2013 . Banyak sangat benda berlaku . Especially 10/4/13 . We feel 'close' to them . Macam best friends . Bowlers sekolah mana , tu tak payah tahu lah en . But seriously , memang kitorang rasa 'rapat' sangat dengan diorang . Kaki memang penat lah kan , 4 games during the morning . But this pengalaman is one of the moments that I won't easily forget in my life .

Waktu lunch -
Aku ambil gambar Salawa dengan Amirah . 3 saat selepas snap tu Mirah pergi somewhere else to talk to Fiana . Aku bagi phone dekat Salawa . Suruh ambil gambar aku dengan Hannah . Waktu dia nak snap , aku nampak diorang ( bowlers ) . They just walked passed us . But then , diorang patah balik . And guess what ? Diorang lunch 'dengan' kitorang . In the same restaurant . Hell yeah . Can't even concentrate when I'm eating . Plus that time ada 'beberapa kejadian yang memberi kesan di dalam diri masing - masing' . Amboi ayat . Haha . But not one of us really concentrate on eating actually . Masing - masing pujuk diri masing - masing hahahahahaha okay tak lawak .

Sesi petang -
Main Daytona after lunch ! Dah habis tu , ternampak lagi diorang . Actually banyak kali lah nampak dah nama pun jadi lane marshall haha . But on that particular day seems like we always bertembung . Fate ? Hihi I don't know . Lebih kurang 1 jam kemudian we all masuk dekat Ampang Superbowl balik semula . Tengok tengok bowlers lain . Waktu petang dah tak bertugas dah . So kitorang decide nak pergi DP . Tengah jalan ni , nampak diorang lagi ! But as usual tak pay attention to them . Nak lintas dah ni , lepastu their school van berhenti . Diorang nak balik dah . Okay . Kitorang pun lintas and diorang pun balik . Tutup cerita . Sebenarnya ada lagi but I chose not to share it here to protect the people I love , respect , and all .

11/4/13 waktu selepas lunch -
Disebabkan kebosanan yang melanda , sorry kalau BM berterabur haaaaaaaaa . Kitorang , Me , Salawa , Fiana , Hannah and Mirah pergi lah MPH . Buat MPH tu macam rumah sendiri . Duduk duduk , baring - baring bla bla bla . Baca buku tu , buku ni . ONLY 13 caught my eye . I was reading ... and Hannah read the same book . We read and read ... until we're bored . Salawa decided to took some pictures so she did took some . Or plenty of pictures . Plenty of pictures ? What ? Haha . Me and Hannah joined in later . And we did took some videos too . To upload it to Keek , our first intention but then there's some 'cursing' and we did mentioned 'somebody's' name so I chose not to upload it too . Ni dah keluar dari MPH . As we were walking we did some talking and of course 'document-aring' wahahahaha . We are such weird , weirdos .

Sesi petang -
We sat at the food court because dekat dalam Ampang Superbowl tu dah terasa macam 'pusat jagaan kanak - kanak' . Ramai sangat kids running around and stuff . So the four of us decided to choose one spot and just , think about our future hihi . Lawan makan ice cream dengan Hannah . The winner is Amirah Marini . Hannah was a little bit sad . She really wanted to win since it was her idea to lawan makan ice cream haha . Oh yeah ! The day before we lawan minum air Coke . Winner is again Amirah Marini . Does that girl ever lose ? Ugh -.- But I love you , nigguh ;)

I think that's all ? Lots of things happened actually but there's just no word to describe exactly what happened to us the past 3 days . Apa - apa pun , I really like it that our friendship is getting stronger each day . And , of course I love you weirdos okay bye muahhhhhxxxxxxx !!!! Oh and if you guys wanna see our stupid retarded pictures just head to one of these instagram accounts : amirahamdan_ , hannahlisa97 , hey_ami . Idk which one of us will upload it in the future so just , stick around fellas . Abuhbuy :D

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