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Thursday, May 2, 2013 | Thursday, May 02, 2013 | 0 Rain[s]
Hey hi y'all ! Are you guys ballin ? Haha . Tak ada banyak benda nak cerita ... Been busy the whole month of April . After jadi lane marshall je terus tak ada masa . Oh ya , HELLO SEXY MAY ! This month lagilah busy . Essay kena buat , minda pengarang , macam - macam -.- But I'm sure everything will pay off soon (: So chin up ! I can handle this ; ayat pujuk diri sendiri hahahha . And to the ones yang cakap "Form 4 honeymoon year lah . Lepak sudah" . HONEYMOON YEAR ? SERIOUSLY ? Aku rasa form 4 ni lah tahun yang aku paling banyak kena buat kerja , dan paling banyak tak tidur . Form 3 dulu walaupun nak PMR , lagi relax daripada form 4 ughh I hate form 4 . Aku start jadi malas ni un start form 4 lah . Sebabkan terlalu banyak kerja , aku stress and just campak everything and sleep - or tweeting :p

I don't know if its just my school , tapi yang aku tahu memang Form 4 is not a fucking honeymoon year . So to those yang beritahu 'adik - adik' ni form 4 nanti lepak ah , bulan madu' FUCK THEM . ITS ALL LIES . The level of 'busy-ness' is to the point where you don't even get to see your friends ! Trust me on this cuz I'm going through it right now . Yang mana sama kelas tu of course le jumpa , I'm talking about yang lain kelas . Waktu rehat un jangan haraplah nak jumpa . Sometimes the teachers gave too much work and you need to finish it in the class or bio lab , so waktu rehat tu lah masanya nak buat kerja . No time to eat , no time to chat with friends , and NO TIME TO PLAY . My teacher told me this "If you do well this year , then next year will be easy for you" . So I'm holding on to that statement of hers . Masuk hari ni dah seminggu tak jumpa my nigga mate ; and she thought I was absent , I thought she's the one yang absent . See how busy it is ? Yeahhhhh . Honeymoon kaki kau !!

But if you guys manage to see your friends and think Form 4 is a honeymoon year then , good luck suffering during your Form 5 . Wow there , no hate :D

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