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Before the Rain
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 | Wednesday, June 12, 2013 | 0 Rain[s]
"Sombong lah" - I get that a lot . From people I dont even know . Well so here's a fact about me that YOU strangers should know . First of all , aku tak sombong . I am just one really shy girl . Aku takkan bercakap dengan orang yang aku tak kenal . Even orang yang aku kenal pun , tapi tak rapat , aku takkan cakap dengan diorang sangat . Kalau diorang tanya soalan aku jawab . If not , then there's no conversation between us . My walls are up if you are a stranger . I get so awkward if I'm around people I don't know . I just like to stay in my comfort zone , with the people I know . I don't talk with boys , especially . Yeah I have guy best friends but that's a different story . They're my best friends so I don't feel awkward talking to them . I have no problem in making new friends . I mean , kalau korang nak kawan aku okay je . Tapi you have to be really really cool . Maksud aku macam , tak yah nak awak saya dengan aku . Terus kau aku je . Because macam tu aku tak rasa awkward . So after this , please don't judge me . Aku tak sombong . Just a timid girl . For my best friends they know the real me . I am NOT NORMAL . So umm . Yeah . Aku tak sombong .

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