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Thursday, July 18, 2013 | Thursday, July 18, 2013 | 0 Rain[s]
Its 12:06 a.m , Friday , 19 of July 2013 . Eceh siap nak letak masa dan tarikh haha . Well , probably because what I'm going to post is something SPECIAL . Umm , '''the memories''' are special to me . Stick around if you want to know about it . Get your ass outta here kalau tak nak tahu (:

How do you feel when someone you like , for 2 years , finally talked to you ? Macam , dah 2 tahun . 2 TAHUN (((bukan seminggu))) . So this 'thing' happened to me . on the 28 of June , we started talking . Chatting sebenarnya , tapi eh suka hati aku lah haha . I don't know where I got the guts to tegur dia . Yepp I started everything hahahaha berlagak lah ni hahahaha . Oh btw yes , me and him are friends on Facebook for quite some time . Maybe for the whole 2 years , aku rasa . Jadi kita pun keep on chatting . And he asked for my number because he said he will not be on facebook always . So its easy if we can keep in touch with each other through whatsapping and all those stuff . Can you imagine my 'feels' ? I did not get butterflies in my stomach , THE ZOO WAS IN MY STOMACH ! I mean macam macam perasaan ada . I know he's not going to like me like I like him but I don't care because I've always had a crush on him . Its okay if he likes someone else and not me , biarlah I'm the only one who's having all these 'feels' on him (:

So yeah sekarang dah get to know him better - for me lah . I dont know what I like about him . I just like him . Can you understand me ? It just happened . There's something about him that I can't describe its too ... entah le macam nak terangkan and let you guys know but its really too hard to describe . I always saw him for the past 2 years walking home from school . Eh eh tak yah le tahu dia sekolah mana and where I'm schooling hahahahaha . Yang penting , I always saw him , and I think he's a nice guy . Dah lama aku perhati je dia tu . HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA tak boleh belah ayat . Aku pun tak tahulah aku nak sampaikan apa dalam post ni sebenarnya . I just want to share this story maybe because umm . I don't want any of you give up on someone you like . YES , he/she might not like you the way you like them .. but most important thing is you can become friends with them or even best friends ! That's even better , kan ?

I seriously never thought this would happened . Dia dah lah ... And I am like ... you know me . I don't like to talk to people , I tend to get really shy and awkward and everything ugly lah pasal making a conversation with people I don't know . But suddenly , this happened ! BAM ! Hihihi . Bukan nak gedik ke ape okay . Saje je . Tahu tak what I am feeling while writing this ? I am smiling like crazy because he's on my mind . Gila kan ? Bongok bongok je ... Anyway so yeah , don't give up on something yang meaningful dalam your life . You never know whats going to happen next . Allah is the best planner . Just go with the flow and everything will be fine , I guarantee you this . This is a very long post erhh mesti korang malas nak baca erhh samalah aku pun tak suka baca benda panjang panjang ni lagi lagi blog aku sendiri . Kan semua benda merepek ni ? Ni semua merepek . I am not a 'pro' in describing what I am feeling . If I can show it to you guys this is the perfect explanation of what I am feeling (((asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm!!!))) Hihihi . Its 12:28 now , goodnight and have a good night sleep . Sweet dreams , forgive everyone and before it gets too late Salam Ramadhan (:

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