My Tears Just Like The Rain Fallings
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Before the Rain
Thursday, August 29, 2013 | Thursday, August 29, 2013 | 0 Rain[s]
Takde idea sebenarnya nak post ape . Tadi ada , lepastu dia hilang . Always like this ah . Oh and its been 2 months of 'something' hahahahahahaha . Not gonna tell what 'thing' , figure it out kids haha . Oh here's something I wanna let everybody know . First of all , I HATE PEOPLE I DONT KNOW . Tahu , macam tak logik je en tapi that's the truth . Bukan benci macam "we are never gonna be friends" , tapi benci macam ... hmm . You know how I am always shy ? Yeah . That's why I hate people I dont know . Because I hate the idea of making new friends , like , why cant we just stick with what we have now ? Why do we have to let new people come into our life if they're only gonna leave some scars later ? So bila I am 'put' in a place where there's a lot of people I dont know , I just dont fucking talk . If you want to talk to me then you go first . If you dont talk to me then go to hell . BUT I AM NOT SOMBONG . I am so cheerful and crazy and fucking cool ( eceh ) when you get to know me . And second thing is , aku tak suka naik lif . Tak semua yang tahu pasal ni , not even my family members . I hate the lift because rasa macam tak cukup udara je dalam lif tu . Lagi - lagi kalau naik ramai - ramai . Rasa macam akan mati akibat tak cukup oxygen , serius ni . And umm , ape lagi ea ... oh ! Bila aku tengah dengar earphone DONT TALK TO ME ! Of course aku tak dengar apa yang kau cakap okay . And whoever question why I like to listen to songs and isnt it bored just listening to songs all day - aku akan tembak korang . MUSIC IS MY LIFE . I love music so much , when I listen to them , I go to this one special place where there's just me dancing to the music that's playing and I love that feeling . Feels like there's no one to disturb me and stuff .

The other day I dreamed about something . Aku pergi sekolah bawa phone and of course the love of my life , earphone . Lepastu the next thing I know is that the teacher , suruh semua serahkan earphone dan phone dekat dia . She said something about earphone is not allowed and stuff . Semua orang serahkan phone dan earphone diorang macam gampang je sebab cikgu tu kata we're going to get back our stuff once she finish her lesson . But I , on the other hand , starts to cry like a baby . Meronta - ronta ni , tak nak bagi phone dengan earphone dekat cikgu tu . Sebab aku membayangkan hidup aku tanpa phone ... tanpa earphone . Gosh , I hate that feeling . Rasa macam lebih rela mati daripada tak dapat dengar lagu waktu tu . So tiba - tiba je my mother woke me up sebab time for school hahahahah . See ? I love music so much sampai dapat mimpi pun dah macam orang gila dah . And haritu my earphone rosak . DO YOU KNOW HOW CRAZY I WAS ? AKU MACAM MINAH SENGET MANE TAH . Memang sakit jiwa tahu tak bila tak dengar lagu sehari . Music is my drug , I guess . Hihi .

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