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Relay For Life - campak balik
Sunday, August 4, 2013 | Sunday, August 04, 2013 | 0 Rain[s]
Hi semua its now August 4 . Tak lama lagi nak raya . Lagi beberapa hari je ni . Excited ? Not so . Because . Tak tahulah . Idk why I'm not excited for raya at all . Oh btw , last month I went for Relay For Life . Its a very good 'camp' . Really . Umm sekolah yang terlibat like SMK IJC , SFI , STDAVID , and what else ? I dont remember much . But surely ada yang daripada sekolah lain jugak like MHS , MOZAC , and some other schools . It was really fun . We didnt slept . I DIDNT SLEPT FOR LIKE 16 HOURS . Yeah I'm cool liddat hihhi . Tents are provided ( if you're planning to go next year don't worry about it but you must pay ) I really want everybody to participate because it is really a good camp . You make friends with strangers , you enjoy the performances , you listen to the cancer survivors' stories ( eh betul ke apa aku cuba nak sampaikan ni hope u understand ) , and best part is YOU RELAY . You just have to walk keliling padang yang besar tu , for 16 hours . Tapi gilir gilir lah . Search google if you wanna know more about RFL . I came back from that camp feeling exhausted and I slept for the whole day when I got home . And when I woke up the next day its Monday and I got school and stuff , but I kept on smiling with my friends yang pergi RFL because we kept on talking about what we did 'there' . So yeah . Join Relay For Life . Banyak benefits . Also , they have games and like the one I went in STDAVID they had this rumah hantu . I didnt went in not because I was scared . But because I was scared . Hahahahhahahahhaha . Cool story bruh . JOIN RELAY FOR LIFE AND I WILL LOVE YOU GUYS FOREVER . I PROMISE (: 

P/S: I met new friends ! And of course I won't forget about you , Nazrul and your little brother ! Nazrul is 5 years old . He's freaking cute and his brother is 3 ( I think ) . Also very cute arhhhh . Goodnight , heartbeat <3 br="">

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